Consider DRT Global as a one-stop shop for business opportunities in emerging markets. If you are looking...



DRT Global’s strategies are much more than mere plans. We work with businesses and entrepreneurs in...



Think of DRT Global as your business consulting partner in emerging markets—a partner who helps expand...



At DRT Global we know that results count, and work diligently to help our clients achieve success with their...


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DRT Global is a full-service business development firm offering expertise and opportunities within emerging markets to companies & entrepreneurs across the globe.

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  • Global Real Estate Opportunities

    DRT Global has access to a wide range of global residential, commercial and industrial real estate opportunities. Our real estate network consists of senior level...
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  • Lease for Drilling

    DRT Global has identified an emerging resource opportunity in NE Montana, Sheridan County, where 6,550 Gross/4,200 Net acres of land leases are currently available....
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